About Murphy Farms LLC

Mission Statement

Family owned and operated, Murphy Farms strives to be honest and ethical and to treat others as family.  Above all, we want to offer high quality products and achieve a high rate of on-time delivery. We believe in the old farm adage, “You can’t grow two crops in a field “, meaning no weeds.  Our company understands the fast-paced needs and demands of the construction industry and the necessity of on-time delivery with a quality straw product. We relate to the pressures of the companies and supervisors’ schedules. Our motto is “do the job, it’s your word, or someone else will.”


Michael J. Murphy has a background in residential and commercial carpentry, millwrighting, excavating, and trucking. In addition, his experience includes working at union construction sites, and he has acted in supervisory and foreman positions.

Our Team

Murphy Farms has a team of dedicated employees, contractors, and suppliers that make the whole operation a success.

Farm Practices

We produce soybeans using commercial fertilizer and spray our fields by a licensed Michigan applicator.  Meticulous and conscientious, we keep records on all of our fields. Beans planted in the spring are Roundup Ready® The fields are then sprayed with Roundup so they are weed free, which prepares the same field for fall-planted winter wheat. This sets us up for a successful July wheat harvest the following summer, with weed-free wheat and byproduct straw.

Jorgensen Farm Elevator in Williamston, Michigan has been in business for over 100 years.  They conduct our fertilizer and lime spraying program with modern GPS equipment for cost efficiency and environmentally friendly results. We are fortunate to live in an area with such high-caliber operations, which raises our skills and education to a higher caliber.  For straw certification we use the Idaho State Seed Laboratory and the Michigan Crop Improvement Association labs.

At Murphy Farms, we pride ourselves on our neat farmstead and use modern machinery.  Furthermore, we dedicate ourselves to a high-level of service.

Thank you to all who have bought our products in the past years, and we hope our reputation speaks for itself.  Please view the list of companies we work for, listed on our our references page