Additional Products & Services

Products & Services

Murphy Farms offers a variety of additional services related to rural farming and farm maintenance.


We offer custom hauling with a 35 Ton Lowboy Trailer & Semi, including:

  • Farm & Construction Machinery
  • Service Hauling
  • Drop Deck Service with a 48′ Drop
  • 32 Gooseneck with Dully F450
  • Pickup & Delivery

Demolition, Excavating, & Top Soil Seeding

At Murphy Farms, we specialize in rural farms of all types, including barns, houses, and silos, and we are always respectful of your driveway and property.  In addition, we offer dismantlement and recycling for re-construction. For quality old barns in good condition, we can also number pieces, provide transportation, and reassemble at a new location.

As driveway specialists, we construct new driveways or rebuild existing driveways with gravel materials.

Reclamation work, including topsoil and seeding for construction sites is a service we provide as well.

Retail Pine & Cedar Products

If you are looking for high-quality wood products, we have a relationship with a sawmill in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and provide on contract (volume orders only) of Shiplap, Tongue & Groove, Pine and Cedar products in custom sizes and stains. Ask about our professional installation services, trim work, and custom cabinetry as well.

Contact us for more information.