Certified Pipeline & Construction Straw for Erosion Control & Seeding

Our farm plants certified weed free wheat seeds to obtain a clean foundation farm crop to plant one year out. The seed is cleaned and then treated for disease prevention. This gives our farm clean wheat and clean straw to sell for erosion control or seeding.

Production Practices

At Murphy Farms, we apply 200 pounds of dry fertilizer in fall before we plant and seed three bushels of wheat to the acre. We fertilize again in spring with urea to create a strong growing crop. In May, we spray the fields with Low Volume Esper to control the weeds that may have emerged over the winter in the dormant crop. When the wheat starts forming the wheat head, we spray with Prosaro®  for fungus control. Then when the crop is ready, we combine the wheat and bale the straw.  Following that, we spray the barren rotation field with Roundup® to control and kill weeds to prep for next year’s crop rotation of corn or beans.

To prevent cross contamination of weeds or seeds, we blow off the combine with an air compressor and wash it after each crop, and we keep our trucks and trailers clean after each use.

Our associated producers are subject to strict industry standards or not considered in our program, and their straw must also undergo analysis by a lab for testing to see if their straw is weed free. We have followed these practices for over 40 years and have served the pipeline construction and construction industries with continued success.

Weed seeds are always present in the soy and stay dormant until the soil is disturbed by excavation, inversion, or grading during the construction process. Therefore, Murphy Farms LLC assumes no liability for the seeding process or results. Murphy Farms strives to produce a product according to accepted practices for today’s modern agriculture system. Our farm has found that continuous control management for weeds is best done by using Roundup Ready® Products and MSU and USDA farm practices.

We send our straw in every year for analysis for weed testing according to AOSA rules. This is an association and national group that conducts seed analysis  and tests for uniformity. Our farm does everything within our reach to produce weed-free crops and by-products, like straw.

Murphy Farms LLC tests their straw for crop and weed determination. The results on our straw are carried out in accordance with AOSA rules.
Disclaimer of Warranties
Our farm makes no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

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